Aspen Dental

Aspen Dental is a large dental services chain in the US. They operate over 900 support centers which provide comprehensive dental care. Services include cleanings, fillings, extractions, root canals, dentures and more. Patients enjoy convenient locations and affordable treatment plans.

Looking for quality dental care without breaking the bank? Aspen Dental centers aim to make oral healthcare accessible for all. They offer discounted pricing and financing options for uninsured patients. Plus military veterans get care at Aspen Dental offices for a discounted rate through their partnership with the Department of Veterans Affairs.

The Aspen Dental office near you provides gentle care in a comfortable environment. Their dentists and teams treat every patient with compassion. From checkups to complex procedures, their goal is to help everyone achieve and maintain healthy smiles. Pay them a visit to receive high-quality dental care without the high prices. New patients are always welcome.

Key Takeaways

  • Standardized practices allow for faster appointments and convenience. Partnerships and programs provide dental education and screenings. Comfortable and modern facilities paired with friendly staff foster patient loyalty. Don’t miss to read out this topic Root Canal.
  • They aim to disrupt traditional dentistry – Aspen Dental pioneered the large-scale dental support organization model to deliver affordable care. Their large network of offices utilize centralized support systems to maximize efficiency and pass on savings.
  • Comprehensive care addresses connections between oral and total body health. Low-cost care and financing make oral healthcare feasible for all income levels.  Consistent support and check-ups lead to long-term oral wellness for each patient.

Overview Of Aspen Dental

Overview Of Aspen Dental

Aspen Dental is reinventing dental care with a nationwide network of affordable and convenient locations. Their large-scale practice model utilizes shared support services to standardize care delivery. This approach enhances patient experience through efficient operations while containing costs.

The company aims to address the poor state of oral healthcare in America. Through community outreach programs and discounted treatment plans, Aspen Dental strives to make quality dental care accessible to underserved populations. Their goal is to fundamentally change the way comprehensive oral health services are provided.

Step By Step Guide To Aspen Dental

  • Dentists create a plan tailored for your situation and budget with estimated costs. Options for both routine and cosmetic work provided.
  • Affordable appointments provide professional cleaning, fillings, extractions, root canals, and other general or specialty procedures to improve your smile.
  • Issues caught early when easy to treat through a strategic network of locations. Continued care and guidance supports lifetime of optimal oral and overall health.

Welcome To Aspen Smile Dentistry

Welcome to our friendly dental home, Aspen Smile Dentistry. Our dedicated team is committed to providing the highest quality dental care to enhance your oral and overall health. From routine cleanings and exams to restorative and cosmetic services, our state-of-the-art facility allows us to offer a full range of general, preventative, and restorative dental treatments.

We believe in educating our patients on proper oral hygiene and empowering you to keep your smile attractive and healthy now and for years to come. Let us help you achieve optimal dental wellness and showcase your best grin with confidence.

About Aspen Dental

About Aspen Dental

Look no further than Aspen Dental. For over 30 years, our teams have cared for smiles across America with access, education and excellent service in mind. Whether general cleanings, deep cleanings or restorative work like fillings, crowns or dentures, we’ve got your oral health covered. 

Experience dental care tailored around your individual needs and budget. Plus our friendly atmosphere aims to keep even the nervousness at ease. Your health, happiness and wallet will thank you – let Aspen Dental be your partner in better dental care today.

Your Dental Health Is Our

Your dental health is our sole commitment here at Baker Street Dental. Our experienced doctors and hygienists work diligently to ensure your teeth and gums are in their best condition. From routine checkups to corrective procedures, we employ leading methods to resolve issues and prevent future problems.

With a friendly and comforting setting, it is our privilege to help you feel at ease. Your smile’s radiance and your enjoyment of every bite are what motivate our care. You and your family’s oral wellness are our top priority each day.

Is Aspen Dental Good?

Is Aspen Dental good? From personalized treatment plans to convenient hours, Aspen Dental aims to deliver quality care to suit your lifestyle. Their trained dentists and hygienists cater to each patient’s unique needs through gentle techniques.

Advanced technology also assists in procedures to minimize discomfort. Plus members enjoy perks like discount cleanings. Many agree Aspen’s caring staff and focus on prevention exceed expectations. Their emphasis on total oral wellness helps keep your smile bright for years to come.

Aspen Dental Near Me

Aspen Dental Near Me

Do you need dental services but don’t know where to start? Aspen Dental Near Me is here to help. With multiple locations across town, we ensure everyone has access to quality care. Whether you require routine checkups, fillings or cosmetic work, our doctors accommodate patients of all ages.

From cleanings to crowns and dentures, our handy and experienced team handles all oral health needs. Call or book online today, we strive to get you feeling dentally confident in no time at all. Your new smile awaits at Aspen Dental Near Me!

Aspen Dental Reviews

Reading Aspen Dental reviews reveals unanimous patient praise. People of all backgrounds commend the clinic’s welcoming environment and painless procedures. Whether recommending a friend or posting online, satisfied patrons highlight how skilled doctors transform grins and calm anxious nerves.

Financing tools surpass expectations at reasonable prices too. Ongoing care prevents expensive repairs down the line. And who wouldn’t want Hollywood-bright teeth! No wonder happy customers become lifelong advocates. For natural, long-lasting results and legendary service – Aspen Dentistry is undisputedly peerless.

Aspen Dental Careers

Are you looking for a rewarding career where you get to make a difference every day? Aspen Dental Careers may be the perfect fit. As the largest dental support organization in the nation, 

Aspen Dental offers opportunities to grow within a dynamic environment. Whether you aspire to assist doctors directly in patient treatment or help support operations.

Behind the scenes, your skills will help ensure every visitor leaves with a smile. Ongoing training and mentorship pave the way for new challenges. Join an innovative team passionate about creating healthy, beautiful smiles throughout communities. Start your new journey, apply today at Aspen Dental Careers.

Aspen Dental Price List

Thinking of dental work but concerned about costs? Viewing Aspen Dental’s price list will provide clarity and peace of mind. Presented transparently upfront are comprehensive yet reasonable fees for any service imaginable from routine exams to advanced surgical procedures.

From cosmetic bonding to braces and dentures, pricing ensures premium care doesn’t break budgets. And care is tailored to individual needs – premium options allow customization without overspending. Plus, flexible financing makes large treatments surprisingly affordable. Let Aspen’s prices prove quality dentistry is within everyone’s reach.

Does Aspen Dental Accept Medicaid?

Does Aspen Dental Accept Medicaid

If you have Medicaid dental coverage but can’t find a practice accepting new patients, Aspen Dental may be your solution. As one of the largest providers, Aspen proudly treats members using insurance plans like Medicaid.

From cleanings and exams to fillings or dentures, their friendly team handles all necessary services. You’ll feel at ease with evening and Saturday hours ensuring care is accessible. And smiles shouldn’t depend on income or insurance status. At Aspen, everyone deserves quality oral healthcare – so schedule your appointment today.

Does Aspen Dental Take Medicaid?

Finding an affordable dentist that accepts Medicaid shouldn’t give you stress. Aspen Dental proudly serves patients using government plans. Their goal is giving the whole community access to quality preventative and restorative care. No matter your situation, smile problems get handled through leading techniques.

Regular exams catch issues early to spare future pain or costs. Young kids receive sealants and periodontal care. Even full dentures are within reach. So if Medicaid is your coverage, relax – Aspen takes it with a caring touch. Your oral wellness is in good hands here.

How Much Are Snap In Dentures At Aspen Dental?

Have you been avoiding smiling due to loose or missing teeth? Aspen Dental offers a convenient solution. Their snap-in dentures are a fraction of the price of custom-fit dentures while still providing a natural-looking full smile. An initial visit includes impressions, cleaning, fitting and necessary adjustments by trained professionals.

Feel comfortable eating most foods again right away. Costs are transparently listed upfront so you know exactly what to expect out of pocket. Affordable financing makes them feasible and monthly payments ease the process. Discover the confidence of a bright new grin today.

Aspen Dental Insurance

Aspen Dental Insurance

As oral health experts, Aspen Dental accepts many forms of insurance to ensure quality care is financially achievable. Checking which plans your provider covers is simple. During sign up, friendly staff walk through options to select coverage meeting your budget and needs. Whether dental insurance comes from employment.

Medicaid or private plans, extensive network partnerships mean procedures large or small happen in-network. Staying insurance-covered not only prevents out-of-pocket costs but ensures regular preventative appointments keep potential problems at bay. Affordable monthly premiums create smiles to last a lifetime.

Aspen Dental Corporate Office

Dental patients appreciate Aspen’s commitment to excellent care, but what about the business side? The Aspen Dental Corporate Office works tirelessly so every clinic functions seamlessly. Overseeing expanding territories, strategic leaders make community health their focus. Support staff aid dentists with logistical, financial and marketing expertise.

Cutting-edge systems streamline billing while empowering locations. Even the company culture ensures happy careers along with smiles. Their combined efforts yield award-winning patient satisfaction year after year. Smile knowing aspiring operations thrive under professional direction.

Dental Services To Gear Up Your Year

A new year is the perfect time to care for your smile and overall health. Schedule some dental services to gear up for adventures ahead. Regular cleanings and checkups catch minor problems before they spread. Straightening aligners can position teeth for lasting confidence. Whitening may be just the morale boost needed.

And advanced therapies resolve deep soreness immediately. Your mouth is the gateway to opportunities – so safeguard its potential with regular appointments. A beautiful grin equals blessings throughout all seasons. Reward yourself with a head-start on happiness.

We’re Your Partners In Dental Care

We’re Your Partners In Dental Care

Taking care of your teeth and gums should be a team effort. As your dental care partners, our goal is guiding you to optimal oral wellness. From thorough exams and customized treatment plans to nourishment advice, we’ve got you covered. Preventative commitments like a cleanings team with restorative fixes for long-lasting results.

Cost concerns evaporate due to financing options. And insurance expertise ensures maxed coverage. Best of all, our friendly vibe makes even anxious visitors at ease. So what are you waiting for? Together, let’s get your mouth in its healthiest state yet.

Save Even More In 2024

The new year brings the opportunity to improve your smile and savings. In 2024, take advantage of special discounts on necessary dental treatments. Cleanings and checkups keep grins gleaming for less. Minor fillings and crowns mend vulnerabilities at discounted costs. Membership programs provide monthly rates including x-rays and discounts.

And our electronic billing app speeds payments while rewarding on-time habits with bonus account credits. Maximum savings mean a maximum reason to show off your confidence. New year, new you – start 2024 with unexpected dental bargains ahead!

Straighten Your Smile And Save For Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day, give your confidence a boost by straightening your smile. With our discounted pricing on clear aligners now through mid-February, say goodbye to crooked teeth just in time for the holiday.

Experience whiter, straighter teeth you’ll feel good showing off to that special someone. No one will believe your transformation took just months thanks to rapidly advancing technology. Savings coupled with our interest-free payment plans make the perfect pearly whites attainable. So start treatment today, and fall in love with your new grin.

Where Is The Nearest Aspen Dental?

Taking the first step to better oral care shouldn’t involve a wild goose chase. With hundreds of locations across the country, chances are high that Aspen Dental is conveniently nearby. Just enter your ZIP code on their website for an instant rundown of locations.

Services, and accepted insurances. You may be surprised how close quality affordable care really is. Whether on the way to work or near home, depend on them to handle cleanings, fillings, root canals, extractions and more. So pull out your phone right now – it’s time to find your perfect nearby clinic!



For some, dentures are the solution to a troubling tooth situation. But they don’t have to dent your confidence or quality of life. Our experts craft comfortable, natural-looking sets allowing you to smile again without limitation.

A perfect fit minimizes slipping or speaking issues. Diet needs not be restricted either thanks to crafted stability. Best of all, a shiny new grin awaits at a fraction of the cost elsewhere. Your happiness is our priority – regain carefree eating and smiling with dentures crafted by compassionate professionals.

Dental Implants

When a missing tooth simply won’t be replaced by a denture or bridge, implants may be the answer. As the most stable, natural-looking solution, implants fuse with the jawbone itself over time. Avoid slipping, clicking or inconvenient removals.

Eat and speak freely without apprehension. And if whitening or cosmetic reshaping is desired, implants allow it just like natural teeth. Discover lasting replacement and renewal of your priceless smile’s integrity and full function through innovative dental implants today.

Dental Checkups

While regular visits may seem like a chore, routine dental checkups offer immense benefits. Early detection saves much worse hassles down the road – our experienced dentists spot minor issues before they spread. Prevention also protects natural integrity through cleanings and fluoride.

Costly procedures become avoidable when good homecare backs professional oversight. Children learning oral hygiene habits reap this advantage for life. Your checkup schedule determines detection windows. Give your mouth the best chances – its health truly impacts whole-body wellness, so invest smartly through regular examinations.

Emergency Dental Care

Emergency Dental Care

Life happens fast – but dental emergencies don’t honor clocks or calendars. When oral troubles strike without warning, speed matters most. Good thing our care team promises prompt attention anytime, from nights through weekends.

A cracked tooth causing agony might mean immediate root canal therapy. Severe swelling could require emergency draining before problems spread. Gentle professionals stabilize situations skillfully until definitive solutions. Their heart for healing keeps calm maintained too. So whether today or tomorrow, help exists, call us first before pain rules the hour.

Aspen Dental Locations

Convenient care shouldn’t require convoluted drives across town. Aspen Dental works to build community through location accessibility. From routine cleanings to reconstructive procedures, needed dentistry becomes achievable close to home or work. Neighborhood shops spread from coast to coast, whether bustling cities or tight-knit suburbs.

Patients enjoy trusted care in familiar face-filled facilities, like a second home away from home. Kids feeling nervous find comfort in friendly offices too. So enter your address and uncover the clean, comfortable clinic that makes finding quality dental care easy.

Aspen Dental Care Services Cost

Aspen Dental offers a variety of dental care services at affordable prices. They aim to make quality dental care accessible for patients. Cleanings range between $50-$100 depending on the type of cleaning. X-rays are priced at around $50 per x-ray.

Basic fillings start at $100 and can go up to $300 depending on the size and location of the cavity. More complex procedures like crowns, root canals, and extractions have pricing that varies case by case. Aspen dental appointment booking number (833) 903-0362.

Aspen Dental Savings Plan Tm

Juggling oral health needs with heavy household budgets wasn’t meant to cause constant frustration. By crafting the Savings Plan, our priority became your accessibility. This trailblazing program removes barriers through discounted rates across a wide scope of care.

Annual limits or waiting periods exist – your care flows uninhibited. Interest-free financing splits payments to reasonable amounts. Smiles and wallets breathe easy, as dental goals remain attainable and affordable through this innovative solution. Your wellness wins. Whether cleanings every 6 months or full mouth reconstruction over time, costs now fit flexibility.

Low Annual Membership Rates

Low Annual Membership Rates

An affordable fee unlocks a world of dental savings – it’s simply wise math. For less than most copays, scores of discounts await your whole family’s health needs. Comprehensive care becomes achievable now with rates much lower than insurance. Whether visiting routinely or requiring reconstruction, extensive procedures prove vastly more affordable.

And flexible financing makes even larger bills painless to pay. Your wellness and finances both smile thanks to this convenient, economical solution. Join today and watch superior dental become sustainably suitable.

Dental Services

From routine cleanings to corrective cosmetics, competent care for cavities involved or just uncovered, we’ve services to suit all needs and budgets. Checkups catch minor troubles before significant damage occurs. Digital X-rays identify underlying issues precisely to serve clients properly.

Fillings, root canals, extractions, dentures and implants address issues tooth by tooth or completely. Patients love pain-free settings with treatments tailoring options specifically to each unique situation. Visit and let our team craft personalized plans for lasting oral well-being and confident smiles.

General Dentistry

More than just fix-its, general dentistry focuses on total-body health starting from the mouth up. Dental doctors merge art and science to catch early signs, prevent worse down the road, and restore full functions naturally. Cleanings, X-rays, and exams protect against cavities, gum disease, and hazards.

They repair cracks or place cosmetic veneers too. Kids enjoy calm care like sealants that guard adult grins. All receive individualized treatment plans explaining tailored diagnostics and solutions. Commitment to both routine and sophisticated techniques means a lifetime of dental well-being.

Family Dentistry

Family Dentistry

From baby’s first teeth to grandparents’ implants, all ages receive comprehensive care tailored stage by stage. Kids feel comfortable with pediatric experts who make checkups fun while covering critical growth years. Adults appreciate single-field records and tailored recalls based on individual risk factors.

Plus one family-friendly location and financial options save time – and money. Experienced generalists listen to concerns for all. Modified procedures ensure even nervous patients willingly follow prevention regimens. Together, strong roots result – for both oral health and family bonds alike that nurturing relationships build.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Appearance impacts well-being profoundly. A winning smile elevates every face and first impression. Yet years, accidents or issues can dim grins. Cosmetic dental specialists artfully restore bright natural beauty through minimally invasive techniques.

They fix discolored, cracked, misaligned or missing teeth discreetly. Veneers, bonding and whitening subtly transform troubled teeth. Subtle implants replace conspicuous gaps. Risk stays low while confidence soars. Investing in one’s appearance additionally protects long-term oral health, ensuring grins remain vibrant assets for years to come.

Restorative Dentistry

When life takes a bite out of your smile, restorative care chews away at issues to rehabilitate form and function naturally. Whether chips, fractures or decay leave teeth compromised, dedicated dentists skillfully reconstruct. They bond, build, or place crowns over wounds to restore nature’s intricacies.

Root canals save teeth from necrosis’ ravages to preserve natural structures. Bridges, onlays, inlays and implants cosmetically and structurally replace what nature or accidents forfeited – making grins whole again without artificialness. Committed to innovative solutions, their artistry makes damage disappear.



Gums hold teeth intact as tent poles anchor canvas – but inflammation can cause all to collapse. Periodontics intervenes to halt and heal such losses through targeted techniques. Specialists detect receding gums or pockets to pinpoint pathogens as accomplices in bone and tissue breakdown.

They debride,laser and reshape to halt threats. When needed, periodontal surgery reshapes soft tissue and bone grafts regenerate former architecture. Patients gain restored form and function naturally for decades more. With periodontists protecting supportive structures, smiles stand solid as intended through life’s seasons.


Is There A Class Action Lawsuit Against Aspen Dental?

There have been some complaints filed, though no formal class action lawsuit yet. Individual reviews show room for improvement.

How Can I Fix My Teeth If I Don’t Have Money?

Community health centers provide income-based care. Low-cost dental schools offer reduced fees too with care by students under faculty guidance.

Who Is A Competitor To Aspen Dental?

Large chains like Heartland Dental or Smile Brands see similar patient volumes. Regional firms delivering quality low-cost care also indirectly compete for clients.

What Implant System Does Aspen Dental Use?

Aspen partners with many implant companies, but seems to favor Straumann and Dentsply Sirona brands for their reputation and integration with other Aspen technologies.


Aspen Dental has succeeded in making dental care accessible and affordable for many Americans. While some patients have complained about certain business practices, their scaled model has allowed thousands to regain their dental health. As with any large corporation, there is room for improving individual experiences.

Aspen Dental has expanded dental services nationwide, for better or for worse, drawing both praise and criticism along the way in their mission of increasing access to oral healthcare. Their impact on the industry remains unmatched due to their disruptive approach.

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