Is Red a Good Braces Color?

Selecting braces colors used to be limited to silver metal or clear brackets, but with the advance of orthodontic technology, you’re no longer restricted to just two neutral options. From bold red and hot pink to ocean blue and eye-catching violet, braces color options have exploded.

While white and clear braces remain popular for blending in, more and more patients – both kids and adults alike – are opting for a colorful smile. But is red a good braces color choice? Read on to weigh the red braces benefits and drawbacks.

Red Braces Pros and Cons

For a bolder statement, red stacks up nicely against other braces colors. But there are a few key considerations when deciding if red is the right hue for your smile.


Eye-catching and unique. There’s no question red grabs attention. It’s bold and beautiful, allowing you to express your vibrant personality through your smile. Red metal braces pop brightly against both light and dark lipstick. It makes a fun style choice for standing out.

Matches hair or outfits. People with red or auburn hair can play up the coordination with matching crimson braces. This brace’s color will also coordinate with any red clothing in your wardrobe.

Confidence boost. Red is an energetic color associated with power, strength, and determination. Sporting scarlet braces can give your self-assurance a boost while you go through orthodontic treatment.


Visible food stains. One downside to dark braces colors like red is they show food stains more easily than lighter counterparts. Red picks up staining from foods and drinks like pasta sauce, curries, coffee, red wine, berries and other brightly colored fruits.

More tricky to match decoratively. While red braces perfectly complement red hair or outfits, those connections are harder to make if red isn’t already part of your signature look. The bold shade stands out in both good and bad ways.

Not ideal for all skin tones. Red braces tend to pair best with fair to medium skin tones. The vibrant shade can sometimes clash next to very dark or very light complexions.

Red Braces Maintenance Tips

Red Braces Maintenance Tips
Red Braces Maintenance Tips

Choosing red braces means taking proper steps to keep them looking freshly crimson. Here are handy red braces care tips:

  • Brush immediately after meals and snacks
  • Swish water after consuming staining foods and drinks
  • Use orthodontic wax to smooth over any poking brackets
  • Avoid dark sauces, curries, tomatoes, berries, red wine, coffee and tea
  • Incorporate whitening mouthwashes and toothpastes into your routine
  • Get regular dental cleanings

With just small adjustments like these, you can keep bold red braces stained free.

“My red braces needed a bit more care, but I loved how fun and unique they looked.” – Amanda P., red braces patient

Red Braces Fashion Trends

More patients are embracing braces as a chance to express personal flair. Red presents fashionable possibilities, especially when coordinated with makeup and outfits.

  • Match with red lipstick or nails – For head-to-toe perfection, pair scarlet braces with crimson lipstick or a fresh manicure. This pulled-together potency never goes out of vogue.
  • Pop against black and white – High contrast looks never fail. For classic chic, offset your red metal against a crisp white top or rich black dress.
  • Pull together metallics – Combine red braces with gold, rose gold, copper or bronze jewelry and accessories for glitzy glam. Go full-on Hollywood.

“I wore red braces with a rose gold necklace to prom and got so many compliments!” — Emily, 18

Have fun and get creative coordinating your brace’s color with the rest of your look!

Red Braces vs Other Colors

Wondering how red stacks up against popular braces colors? Here’s the low-down:

  • More visible than clear or white – Those hoping braces blend into teeth should avoid red’s unmissable brightness. While clear removable aligners and white brackets fade into the background, red makes its presence known.
  • Requires more cleaning than silver or gray – Light reflective metals like silver, steel and gray minimize staining from food or drinks. Red shows evidence of every snack or meal and needs diligent maintenance to keep looking freshly painted.
  • Less versatile than blue or green – Vibrant shades like aqua blue or bright green complement more skin tones and hair colors. Red has a shorter list of complexions it naturally flatters.

While red is eye-catching, you trade higher visibility and care for the pizzaz. Weigh your priorities to decide if it’s a fair trade-off.

Best Red Braces Colors for Fair Skin

Finding the right red braces hue to suit lighter skin takes some finesse. Blue-based reds like cherry and wine red tend to complement fair complexions best. More orangey-reds and fire engine red clash next to porcelain skin.

“After getting orangey braces first, my orthodontist switched me to a blue-toned red that looked much better with my fair skin.” – Lauren, 21

Ask which shades your orthodontist offers if seeking a light-bright match made in heaven. A test strip can also help preview how red options interact with your skin.

How to Style Red Braces for a Formal Event

Sporting a colorful smile for a wedding, prom or elegant occasion? Lean on red’s commanding mystique with these styling tips:

  • Deep red for black-tie affairs – Sophisticated oxblood and crimson pair elegantly next to tuxedos and ball gowns. Reserve fire-engine red for casual events.
  • Match metal bracelets or jewels – Incorporate complementary metals like copper, gold or garnet stones to polish the formal look.
  • Coordinate red lip color – Finish the high-fashion appearance by selecting a red lipstick in the same exact hue.

Red Braces Outfit Ideas

Unsure how to combine chic outfits with red metalwork? Taking cues from braces colors leads to fashionable looks:

  • Monochromatic red – Wear red tops, skirts, pants or dresses to mirror the vibrant braces shade. Give this bold color arresting center stage.
  • Black and red combos – Offset attention-grabbing red against classic black outfits from dresses to shirts and slacks. This handy go-to creates a slimming effect.
  • Neutral bottoms with red tops – Balance eye-catching scarlet shirts, sweaters and blazers with neutral pants, skirts and jeans. Anchoring half the outfit dilutes the vibrancy.
  • Red floral patterns – Incorporate red dresses, tops or scarves with floral designs. Combining red braces with similar red accents pulls together scattered hues.

“My favorite outfit was a black skirt and red floral top which tied together awesomely with my matching red braces!” – Danielle, 17

Where to Buy Red Braces Online

While your orthodontist offers an in-office selection of colors, researching red braces options online helps you arrive prepared to appointments. Below are top rated online stores for buying vibrant braces:

WebsiteAverage Red Braces Price$200-$500$100-$600$250-$750

Prices depend on whether you want brackets only or full braces and vary between metal or clear ceramic materials. Buying through an orthodontics practice directly costs less than third-party retailers.

Red Braces Cost Comparison

Wondering whether those dazzling red braces come with a higher price tag? Here’s how pricing shakes out:

  • Chain orthodontists – National chains like Affordable Braces and Low Cost Braces offer red at no extra charge beyond standard metal braces pricing of $3,000-$8,000.
  • Private orthodontics – Independent practitioners charge added fees around $200-$500 to upgrade to custom colors like red.
  • Braces color addons – Opting for colorful elastics, ties or wires to complement red brackets tacks on another $100-$300.

Shop around as prices fluctuate widely. And remember, while selecting hues like red costs more upfront, smiles boosted by fun colors pay lifelong confidence dividends.

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What Color Braces Can I Get?

What Color Braces Can I Get?
What Color Braces Can I Get?

Beyond traditional silver, the braces color spectrum has expanded across the rainbow. Here are common hues available from orthodontists today:

Red Braces

Vibrant cherry red makes a sensational smile statement.

Brown Braces

Mocha brown blends nicely against darker skin tones.

Clear Braces

Crystal clear ceramic brackets fade discreetly into teeth.

Silver Braces

Classic silver with a touch of shine never goes out of style.

Blue Braces

Aqua blue and navy brighten moods and complement eyes.

Green Braces

Lime green and emerald add fresh, youthful flair.

White Braces

Stark white melds seamlessly into pearly teeth.

Grey Braces

Sophisticated gray adds refined polish.

Braces Colors

With expanded orthodontics options, selecting brace hues goes deeper than just deciding on red. Here’s an overview of key considerations:

Module Colors

Braces comprise three components allowing color customization – brackets, ties and wires. Mix and match modules for fun combos.

How to Choose Braces Color

Consider hair color, skin tone, age and personal style when selecting ideal shades. Orthodontists also suggest palettes.

Can I Have Different Braces Colors?

Absolutely! Alternating colors from tooth-to-tooth creates rainbow smiles. Stick with one hue for unified sophistication.

What Do Black Braces Look Like?

Mysterious black coats metals with a matte finish like onyx jewelry for an edgy effect.

What Do Blue Braces Look Like?

Blue dazzles, reminding patients of sunny skies and crashing ocean waves.

What Do Pink Braces Look Like?

Feminine pink evokes ballerina tutus and sweet cotton candy dreams.

What Do Red Braces Look Like?

Attention-grabbing cherry red draws the eye like Lady Danger lipstick.

What Do Purple Braces Look Like?

Regal violet brings out luxury with rich depth and dimension against teeth.

What Do Teal Braces Look Like?

A trendy blue-green teal ombre resembles mermaid hair with beachy fun.

Are Orange Braces a Good Color?

While festive, bright pumpkin orange works better around Halloween than every day.

Green Braces Aren’t Just for Frogs

Mint and emerald green represent growth, harmony and wellbeing.

Alternating Color Braces

Mixing multiple shades stripe style builds eclectic rainbow smiles.

How to Pick Braces Color

Choosing braces colors involves assessing skin tone, hair color and personal style preferences. Cool-toned skin suits darker hues like red best while warm, olive undertones shine against lighter shades of blue or violet. Color coordination possibilities help narrow down selections.

Braces Colors for Whiter Teeth

Seeking whiter teeth? Consider clear ceramic along with light blue, aqua or green braces which all give the illusion of brighter teeth visually. Opaque braces colors like black, brown or red will not enhance whiteness.

Here are beautiful braces colors for dazzling smiles:

Royal Blue Braces

Regal blue conjures serene clarity like clear skies reflecting off still lakes.

Rose Braces Color

Romantic rose gold braces lend vintage charm reminiscent of retro bling jewelry.

Black Braces

Smoldering onyx black transforms smiles with riveting depth and mystique.

Purple Braces

Violet embraces Gothic edge with stunning wine hues mimicking ripe grapes.

Navy Blue Braces

Count on reliable navy to project intelligence aligned with institutions like Yale.

Burgundy Braces

Sultry burgundy dazzles with red-wine elegance suiting formal black-tie affairs.

Onyx Braces

Sleek onyx amplifies any look with tailored refinement in its opulent darkness.

Red Braces

Radiant cherry red steals the spotlight every time with unparalleled stage presence.

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What are the best colors for braces?

The best colors for braces depend on personal preference, but popular choices include clear, silver, and white for a more subtle look, or bright colors like blue, red, or green for a fun and bold statement.

Does the color of braces affect treatment?

The color of braces does not affect the treatment process. It is purely a cosmetic choice and does not impact the functionality or effectiveness of the braces.

Can I change the color of my braces?

Yes, you can change the color of your braces at each adjustment appointment. This allows you to experiment with different colors and express your personality.

How do I choose the right color for my braces?

Consider your skin tone, eye color, and personal style when choosing a color for your braces. You can also choose colors that complement your clothing or reflect your favorite sports team.

Are there any colors to avoid for braces?

Colors that may stain, such as dark blues, greens, and blacks, should be avoided as they can make your teeth appear yellowish. It’s also a good idea to avoid colors that clash with your skin tone or make your braces stand out more than you’d like.


While red is one of the most stunning braces colors available, it also requires diligent upkeep to keep from staining. If you adore red and are willing to integrate intensive cleaning into routines, crimson brackets will reward with traffic-stopping style. Consider your options thoughtfully, as your smile makes an impression every day for years.

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