Where To Buy Fake Braces?

Some retailers sell plastic braces as novelty/costume items. Though not intended for orthodontic use, these fake braces resemble the look of real clear aligners or traditional wire braces. They are advertised as accessories for fashion, costumes, photoshoots or plays/films.

While fake braces cannot functionally align teeth like real orthodontics, some people are curious about temporarily changing their appearance. It’s important to understand the limitations of non-medical grade plastic braces versus legitimate dental treatments supervised by an orthodontist.  

Whether for fun or films, fake braces are generally found advertised online or in costume/novelty shops rather than dental suppliers. It’s always best to check local laws and avoid pretending to have a medical condition or treatment just for appearance sake. Real orthodontics involve serious professional care of teeth and jaw development.

Key Takeaways

  • Costume and prop stores that sell movie and theater accessories often carry fake orthodontic appliances for realistic dental disguises.
  • Online retailers specializing in novelty toys, jokes, and disguises frequently offer temporary plastic braces kits that adhere to teeth with adhesive backs or spirit gum. 
  • Special effects and special makeup supply companies may provide molds and materials to create custom dental appliance fx pieces for productions, plays, or cosmetic masquerades.  
  • Some dental trade show booths sell non-functioning demonstration devices to educate patients without requiring real treatment when properly labeled as non-medical.
  • Social media marketplaces exist where individuals resell worn or unused orthodontic gear, but determining original intended use requires vetting sellers of pretend paraphernalia. Don’t miss to read out this topic People Need Braces.

Overview Of Buy Fake Braces

Overview Of Buy Fake Braces

Buying fake braces can be done online or in stores. Websites sell cheap plastic braces that look realistic from a distance. For a Halloween costume or joke, these work well. They will not straighten or align teeth like real braces. Make sure any braces are non-ingestible play accessories only.

Consider dental treatments instead of decoration if actual orthodontia is needed. Want shiny dental hardware without committing to orthodontic treatment? Fake braces clip-on discreetly for a temporary smile makeover. Novelty stores offer starter kits to DIY false brackets and wires. 

Step By Step Guide To Buy Fake Braces

  • Check Halloween superstores and websites near Halloween for kits with brackets, wire, and glue for a quick DIY fix. 
  • Browse handmade fake bracket shops on Etsy for custom snap-on options in fun colors. Support small sellers at art fairs and weekend pop-ups.
  • Search snap on braces to find packagers selling ready-made aligners for nights out. Check reviews carefully as quality varies; medical-grade materials ensure comfort and durability for photo ops.

Discreet Options For Decorative Braces

For those seeking subtle self-expression, discreet brace options provide style without shouting. Thin stackable bands or understated charms allow wearing personality with polish. Simplicity leaves room for other adornments or let natural features stand out.

Solid colors, minimalist patterns or simple symbols signify confidence through quiet sophistication. Discrete bracelets compliment any outfit without overpowering other looks. Understated accessories highlight inner grace more than outward flash.

Affordable Fashion Statement Braces Without The Commitment

Trendy bracelets allow fashion exploration without long-term obligation. Stackable and interchangeable bangles let wearers effortlessly switch up styles to match ever-changing tastes. Inexpensive material choices like wood, twine or synthetic stones mean the impression isn’t made at expense of budget.

Snap or tie closure ensures adjustable looks for unpredictable wardrobe whims. Mix-and-match stacking brings endless combinations without seasonal shopping sprees. Affordable arm candy satisfies style cravings with low financial stakes.

Temporary Smile Makeovers Without Seeing An Orthodontist

Temporary Smile Makeovers Without Seeing An Orthodontist

For special occasions when you want Hollywood smiles without long-term commitment, discreet solutions require no wires or retainers. Dental aligners gently straighten teeth for limited wear, bestowing red carpet-ready racks with minimal monthly cost.

Snap-on veneers disguise discoloration or spacing for the night. Low-cost cosmetic contouring alters smile shape, if only briefly. Tempting transformations trick eyes into seeing perfection if not permanence. Temporary tweaks make a big impact before reverting to reality.

Snap-On Braces You Can Take Off And Put Back On

For those who want orthodontic improvements without round-the-clock wear, removable aligners offer flexible straightening. Snap-on plastic treatments gently shift teeth into place with discrete daytime use. Come evening or special events, they conveniently detach, hiding hints of orthodontia.

Reapply braces each morning to maintain modest movements. Over weeks and months, incremental changes occur one snap at a time. Discreet direction comes gradually between customizable on and off periods.

Fake Braces That Look Real But Won’t Hurt Your Teeth

For fashionable fakers not ready for real rigors of orthodontia, placebo brackets provide authentic aesthetics. Snap-on molds meticulously mimic metal architecture framing the smile. Polymer parts preserve pearly whites from customary dental distress.

Phony wires and ties trick eyes but never torment taste buds or trigger tie related torments. Temporary illusions inspire imaginations while intact enamel ensures later options. Fake but fine fixtures keep grin possibilities open with zero tooth trouble.

Fake Braces Clip On

Fake Braces Clip On

For costume parties or role-playing fun, clip-on braces deliver youthful looks requiring little effort or risk to dental health. Snap these placebo brackets to teeth for pretend play or quick character changes. Intricate molds maintain authentic appearance from a distance without long-term wear pressures.

Clip securely but come off just as easily, avoiding activities allowed only to orthodontia-free. Accessorize like teens in shows or movies for a night, then remove without residue on enamel. Clip-on braces welcome imaginings while preserving natural smiles.

Fake Braces For Teeth

For fashion statements or fun fixes, pretend orthodontia provides looks without lengthy treatment. Clip-on imitations decorate incisors, canines and molars with iconic wire frameworks and brackets. Painted resin perfectly mimics familiar metallic luster from smiling views.

Textured surfaces seem authentically anchored though gently clinging, sparing actual tooth structure. No tightening torments tempt temporarily trying teen trends. Fake but flawless fixtures fulfill fancies freely, fully fictional.

Cheap Fake Braces

Budget cosplay and casual costuming call for affordable options emulating expensive orthodontia. Inexpensive snap-on simulacrums answer the call to impersonate invisalign or standard metal mouths realistically. Plastic faithfully renders brackets, bands and wires for a fraction of orthodontist fees.

Accurate imitation allows dental dreams without dental means, preserving paychecks. Easily attached, fake braces convince without costly commitments. Low-cost looks satisfy stylistic whims on stingy spending plans.

Fake Braces Shein Or Kit

Fake Braces Shein Or Kit

Fast fashion outlets foster fanciful transformations on frugal budgets. Snap-together simulation sets skillfully sculpt seemingly cemented constructions. Brackets bound in molded formation, mimicking meticulous movements.

Wires wound in wrapped replication of regulated repositioning. Encaustic expressions emulate endured engineering ingeniously. Stylistic costumes completed conveniently, caringly containing no injury.


Are Fake Braces Available?

Certainly, mock braces exist for fun or costumes. Snap-ons safely stimulate orthodontia’s look.

Is It Ok To Wear Fake Braces?

Pretend brackets pose no pain,  authentic grins remain. Play brings pleasure without tooth torment.

Can You Make Fake Braces?

With craft skills and care, imitation improves improvisation. Purpose guides safe mimicry by interested hands.

What Are Fake Braces Called?

Fashion fixtures feign Orthodontia’s aligned allure. costuming conventions convey character contrivances.


For those seeking a smile that simulates orthodontic work without commitment, buy fake braces offers a playful and inexpensive solution. From costume shops to online retailers, standalone kits and ready-made options present a fun finding mission.

Research ensures selections mimic reality to satisfy any role, while also prioritizing user safety. A world of creative possibilities awaits beyond the brackets – one need only know where to shop to spark the orthodontic imagination.

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